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TUESDAY 12/12/2017

I came back to Granada to live at the very end of August. It didn't take long before my old obsessions started to work on me again and in particular the unresolved question of Lorca's fate in those early days of the nationalist uprising in the summer of 1936 in Granada.

While I was in England, six years ago, I read about Miguel Caballero's investigation which he titled Las trece últimas horas en la vida de García Lorca (The Last Thirteen Hours in Lorca's Life). I wrote two blogs then, in July 2011, one called 'Lorca's Death: Mystery Solved?' (#22) and the other 'Yes but, what about...?' (#23); the second referring to what I saw as issues Caballero's investigation had not satisfactorily resolved.

In September I read Caballero's book and on the 29th I posted the first part of my review of his argument (#64). That kept me busy for the following weeks and ended with an overview of Caballero's findings and conclusion on 12 October. I followed that up with a four-part comparison and contrast, completed 9 November, between Caballero's version of events with those presented by Gibson and which were generally accepted before I left Granada for England in 2008.

There then came a divergence as I finally exhausted this topic and, on November 11, posted my views on Catalan Independence. This was prompted by an article in which Ian Gibson gave his very social-democratic appraisal of the situation.

Last but not least: Leonard, Lorca, and the Little Viennese Walz, post #73, prompted by a UGR MOOC that I am attending and which I will I will write more about in due course.





After returning to Granada in August 2017, I got very much involved in Miguel Caballero's arguments and evidence about the disappearance of García Lorca and as a result my blog posts #64 - #72 all dealt in one way or another with this question. As a consequence of this fixation, I neglected a number of local topics that I have been engaged with for a number of years, such as:


  • bringing the AVE (High Speed Train) to Granada - we're still waiting; Last post #56; 3/2-17


  • the revival of the fortunes of the international airport (Federico Garcia Lorca) - thanks significantly to new Easyjet connections with Gatwick and Manchester; Last post #53; 7/1-17


  • the winner of the Lorca Poetry Prize for 2017 - the Catalan Pere Gimferrer; Last post #62: 9/6-17


  • the inauguration of and the transfer of Lorca's 'legacy' i.e. the complete Lorca Foundation documentation from the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid to the Lorca Centre; Last posts #58 & 57; 5/2-17


  • the completion of the new Metro system - inaugurated at last on 21 September 2017 and fully functioning! Last post #59; 13/2-17


  • the 'Two Hospitals' campaign - that caught me off-guard while I was away; I have never posted on this important and in many ways surprising issue