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where anything is possible





I first came to live in Granada in 1990. I lived here continuously up to 2008, when I moved to London to work full time for 4 years. Since then I have have been coming and going, though since the end of August 2017 I have been enjoying my retirement here in my little house in the remote barrio of El Fargue.



GRANADA LA BELLA was the title of a book written by Angel Ganivet while he was living in Finland, shortly before he took his own life in 1898. Angel Ganivet was a leading figure in the contemporary cultural scene in Granada at the end of the century and he had a huge influence on Lorca's generation. Many of the ideas expressed in this book are taken up and developed by Lorca and his circle.

The title hints at the dual nature of the city, its light and dark sides. Because while the Beauty of Granada is undeniable, it can also reveal itself as the Beast.

Photo by ccoutesy of Rene Hirt


View from my front door in El Fargue.

This photo was taken early in 2017 in Vietnam, by a student of mine called Hieu.

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