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This page brings news and information related to my Granada la Bella blog, to which it is also linked here.

The Lorca Centre

(via NYT)


There are now (12/02-2018) 81 posts on this blogsite, divided into ten categories.


1. Federico García Lorca (21 posts).

2. Granada (15).

3. The Lorca Centre (12).

4=. The Lorca Prize (7).

4=. 'La bestia' (the dark side to Granada la bella).

6. Poetry mostly poems by Lorca Prize Winners with translations done by me. (6 posts.)

7=. Granada Airport (4).

7=. The AVE High Speed Train.

7=. Granada's Metro.

10. Misc (1). Catalonia.


Of the 21 FGL posts, 11 deal with Lorca's 'disappearance' on 16 August 1936, and a further four talk about the fruitless search for his remains at Víznar.


One recent post takes a look at Little Viennese Walz/Pequeño Vals Vienés (post#73, 09/12/17)

LATEST 12/02/2018)

My latest post


refers to an article in Granada Hoy saying that Granada is the tourist destination in Spain that has the highest density of tourists in relation to its permanent population and size. Yet in Granada there is no sign of the sort of hostility towards tourists that we see in Barcelona, where the tourist density is slightly lower.

Could it be that Granadinos, as Andalusians, are simply more hospitable than Catalans?


A clue to the answer to this question can be seen in the picture immediately below.