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The Lorca Centre

(via NYT)

Of the 86 posts on this blogsite (16/05/18), 22 were included in the category "Federico García Lorca". I have divided this category in two, creating a new one dealing just with Lorca's 'disappearance' and death, including the fruitless search for his remains at Víznar. There are fifteen posts.


Eight of them were written between September and November 1917 and deal with the findings of Miguel Caballero Pérez's Las 13 últimas horas en la vida de García Lorca, comparing them with Gibson's body of research, the results of which have been re-published. (See Recent Posts in the adjacent column.) I will be commenting on them very soon.


Prior to those eight posts, in February 1917 (post 60) I wrote about the failure of the most recent search for the poet-playwright's remains that had been abandoned in October 1916.


Earlier, a handful of posts were published around 2010/2011, while I was still in England, referring to the first unsuccessful search that took place in 2009.


LATEST 03/05/2018)

My latest posts


3 Years Waiting for a Train: the line between Granada and Antequera remains closed while they're working on the AVE (the high-speed train)


Could the remains of Spain's greatest twentieth century poet have been dumped in a fertilizer bag beneath the monument dedicated to his memory in the Lorca Park in Alfacar? Surely not.

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Posts related to the Lorca 'legacy', the Residencia (Room of his own) exhibition, and the Lorca Centre

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The continued recovery of the Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen International Airport