Life times and Works 2

granada la bella

where anything is possible



II: 1925 - 1928

Above 1: Plaza Mariana Pineda in Granada.

Above 2: Lorca & Dali in Cadaques.

Left: with Emilio Aladren.


8 January:

- Mariana Pineda finished and dated.

13 April:

- Poetry recital in El Ateneo de Barcelona. Lorca takes advantage of the invitation to visit Salvador Dalí and his family in Cadaqués. He reads Mariana Pineda, first in Cadaqués, then in Figueras. Dalí gets Lorca to pose as a corpse and his sister Ana María takes photos, which the painter uses to compose Naturaleza muerta (Invitación al sueño) – Still Life (Invitation to a Dream) – finished in 1926. On his return to Madrid, Lorca starts writing Oda a Salvador Dalí.


- Last summer in Asquerosa (Valderrubio). He is working on Amor de don Perlimplín con Belisa en su jardín. He reads an early version of La zapatera prodigiosa to Miguel Cerón and Fernando Vílchez in Granada.


- writes El paseo de Buster Keaton.


Lorca meets the sculptor Emilio Aladrén. Paco (his brother Francisco) goes to study in Bordeaux; Dalí, at 21, has an exhibition of his paintings in a Barcelona gallery; while Lorca’s career is at a standstill.

Directorio Civil replaces Directorio Militar, implying a relaxing of Primo de Rivera’s dictatorship.

Above: The Huerta de San Vicente



- Excursions to the Alpujarra with Manuel de Falla, etc. on the look-out for local folklore, popular songs, etc.

13 February:

- Gives a talk on La imagen poética de don Luis de Góngora at the opening of the Ateneo Científico y Literario in Granada.


- Oda a Salvador Dalí is published in Revista de Occidente.


- Dalí & Lorca together in Madrid. Is this when Lorca tried to consummate physically his love for Dalí? Twice, according to Dalí’s testimony. When “nothing happened” and “anyway it hurt” (quoting Dalí). When Margarita Manso offered herself as a substitute for the painter?


- The first summer spent in the Huerta de San Vicente which his father had acquired the year before. Lorca is under a lot of parental pressure to give up his poetic vocation and get a proper job.

- Finishes an early version of Amor de don Perlimplín...

10 October:

- Reyerta appears in La Verdad (Murcia); and then in November San Miguel, Prendimiento de Antoñito el Camborio and Preciosa y el aire in Litoral (Malaga). All of them from The First Gypsy Ballad Book, of course.

17 October:

- Gives his talk on Paraíso cerrado para muchos, jardines abiertos para pocos about the local poet Soto de Rojas in the Ateneo in Granada.


The year starts with Dalí exhibiting again at the Dalmau Gallery with 23 pictures, at least four of which contain references to Lorca; for example, Composición con tres figures (Academia neocubista).[Left.]


In Catalonia. Firstly to oversee the preparations and rehearsals of Mariana Pineda. Meets Sebastià Gasch, Lluis Montanyà and other writers of  the L’Amic de les Arts group. Visits Sitges and spends a few days in Cadaqués.

17 May:

Canciones (poems 1921-24) published.

24 June:

Mariana Pineda, with decorations by Salvador Dalí, is put on in Barcelona by Margarita Xirgu’s Theatre Company. Season ends 3 July.

Reyerta published in the Catalan magazine L’Amic de les Arts with a drawing by Dalí.

25 June-2 July:

Exhibition of Lorca’s drawings in Barcelona. [Right: El Beso - drawing by Lorca.]

12 October:

Mariana Pineda opens in Madrid.

Autumn 1927:

Meets Vicente Aleixandre.


Prose poem Santa Lucía y San Lázaro published in Revista de Occidente.


Reads his talk on Góngora in La Residencia.

16 December:

In Seville for the third centenary celebrations of the death of Luis de Góngora, organised by the Ateneo de Sevilla and sponsored by the bullfighter Ignacio Sánchez Mejías. Other participants are: Dámaso Alonso, Luis Cernuda, Gerardo Diego, Jorge Guillén, José Bergamín, Rafael Alberti, Fernando Villalón and Juan Chabás.


Lorca orders the Soledad Primera for Dámaso Alonso at the El Sevilla Restaurant in Granada.

Damasa Alonso recalls Lorca ordering Las Soledades

at El Sevilla restaurant in Granada.



January-April 1928:

In Granada organising the publishing of the first editions of the literary magazine gallo. Excursion with Manuel de Falla to Guadix. Meets the American reporter, Mildred Adams.

March and May:

The only two editions of gallo appear, a magazine that Lorca has been working on for a year, and pavo, which parodies conservative provincial attitudes to the arts in Granada. The May issue includes the Anti-artistic Manifesto of Dalí, Sebastian Gasch and Lluís Montanya



Returns to Madrid and his relationship with Emilio Aladrén.


Writes of his emotional crisis in letters to (for example) Jorge Zalamea. (Alendrén has started a relationship with Eleanore Dove, who he will marry.

11 & 26 October:

Gives his talks on Imaginación, inspiración, evasión (under the influence of Dalí) and Sketch de la nueva pintura (in which he elogises Dalí).


Talk on el patetismo de la canción de cuna española in the Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid.



Publication of Romancero Gitano.

Lorca is now writing the Oda a la Santísimo Sacramento and he finishes La zapatera...


El paseo de Buster Keaton and La doncella, el marinero y el estudiante appear in the May issue of gallo


Nadadora submergida and Suicidio en Alejandría published in L’Amic de les Arts and Mariana Pineda by Ediciones La Farsa.


fragments of Oda al Santísimo Sacramento del Altar published in Revista del Occident


25 July:

The “crime of Níjar” reported in ABC; the factual basis of Bodas de Sangre.