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1990s to present


Huerta de San Vicente opened to the public. Pictured above left.


Marcos Zúriñaga's film The Disppearance of García Lorca/Death in Granada, starring Andy Garcia as the ill-fated poet

Omega, a  fusion of flamenco and rock, recorded by flamenco singer Enrique Morente and the local rock band Lagartija Nick, featuring songs and poems by Lorca and Leonard Cohen with an amazing supporting line-up of musicians.

1998: Centenary Year

Now everybody in Spain loved Lorca and was keen to show their acclaim for their universal poet, outstanding literary figure of the twentieth century,  who symbolised the genius of the nation.

16 January

the King and Queen visit Fuente Vaqueros

25-29 May

Federico Gª Lorca Clásico Moderno (1998-1998) Internacional Conference at the University of Granada

5 June:

23 June

Exhibition: Federico Gª Lorca (1898-1936) opens in Madrid

23 October – 29 November

Exhibition in Granada: Federico García Lorca y Granada


21 February 2004

Agreement reached to go ahead with the plans to build a Centro Federico García Lorca to house the Lorca legacy in Granada,

which was currently kept at the Residencia de estudiantes in Madrid.)


June 2006

Thirtieth anniversary of that first public homage (el cinco a las 5) was celebrated in Fuente Vaqueros. The organisers of the original homage were guests of honour. This homage, in contrast to those precious thirty minutes permitted in 1976, went on well beyond midnight and featured the Granada-born and bred flamenco artists Enrique Morente and his daughter Estrella.


12 Sept 2008

Nieves Galindo, granddaughter of Dióscoro Galindo, shot and buried alongside the poet, hands in an official request for the exhumation of the common grave


16 October 2008

High Court judge Baltasar Garzón announces that he will investigate the disappearance of victims of the Franco regime, and orders the exhumation of nineteen located unmarked graves, including the one where Dióscoro Galindo (and Lorca) was buried.

These two events, the ruling of Baltazar Garzón and the agreement to build a Lorca Centre to house the poet's legacy, each set off a long drawn-out saga that exposed the difficulties Granada has always had witth converting its ambitious cultural projects into Reality. 

1970s & 1980s

End of December 1975

first meeting in Hotel Victoria café, attended by Antonio Rodelas (anarquist poet, representing the Peña de Realejo), Martín Altozano (anarchist law student, also from the Peña), José García Ladrón de Guevara (poet, linked to PSP of Tierno Galván), Rafael Fernández Piñar (law student), Antonio Ramos Espejo (journalist).


February 1976

A second meeting, “the committee of 33”, made up of intellectuals, poets, and artists, decides to hold the homage not on the 40th anniversary of Lorca’s death, but on 78th of his birth.

At the beginning of 1976 there were no signs that the silence around  Lorca's life, death and works was soon to be ended.

5 June 1976

El cinco a las cinco (At five on the fifth): Homage to Lorca in Fuente Vaqueros. The organisers are allowed just 30 minutes to pay homage to the poet by means of tributes from José Ladrón de Guevara, Aurora Bautista, Nuria Espert, Manuel Fernández Montesinos, José Agustín Goytisolo and Blas de Otero (five minutes each). They overrun. The microphones are cut off after 36 minutes and the meeting broken up.

September 1976

Angel Facio’s Casa de Bernard Alba opens in Teatro Eslava, Madrid.

Also in this year: El Público published



General Elections in Spain


6 December 1978

Spanish Constitution approved by referendum.

 Performance of El público in Puerto Rico.



Diputation of Granada opens an investigation to determine the exact burial place of the remains of FGL

Conclusions coincide with Gibson’s.

23 February 1981

 Tijero’s failed coup.


Oct 1982

The Socialist Workers’ Party of Spain (PSOE) win absolute majority; maintain power till 1996.



Publication of Eduardo Molina Fajardo's Los últimos días de García Lorca


17 March 1984

first authorised publication of Sonetos del amor oscuro.



First volume of Ian Gibson’s Federico Garcia Lorca: A Life. Second volume published 1987.

Bodas de Sangre staged again, directed by José Luis Gómez, for the first time since José Tamayo’s 1962-3 tour. This time the critical response is completely enthusiastic.


1 Jan 1986

Spain joins EEC.

FGL Park inaugurated in Viznar.

 29 July

Lorca’s birthplace in Fuente Vaqueros opened to the public. Link opposite.

3 October

The casa museo in Fuente Vaqueros receives a visit from Leonard Cohen. Pictured below right.


José Luis Gómez’s Bodas de Sangre becomes the first televised broadcast of the play. Pictured below centre.



Official world première of El Público directed by Lluis Pascual

Lorca, muerte de un poeta, a TV series in six episodes directed by Juan Antonio Bardem​​, and starring Nickolas Grace as the poet



The rather sad and somewhat sordid saga of the Lorca Centre's missing millions.

What we think we know about the Disappearing and Killing